Thursday, April 15, 2010

Keeping Busy in Cowtown

How fortunate are we to be working on some of the coolest projects in Calgary?

Some may say, that we are really making a name for ourselves as a go-to-shop for creative goods... and this is resulting in us being very, very busy. Winning a gaggle of awards over the past 12 months may have been a contributing factor, but I like to think it was more about our reputation than anything else. Busy nonetheless.

But, busy is good - and being busy on creative projects is really good, so, life is really, really good at Francomedia.

So far this year, we have done some great branding projects, some cool web projects and some great print projects. To new clients we are super heroes, to existing clients we are consistent and always ready to take on whatever they throw us. Our challenge these days is all about scheduling - getting new work into the mix is harder than ever, but we manage and manage well.

We are breaking new ground with a very cool project that will be released sometime before summer - we believe it will set the future standard for marketing in the publishing industry, all while showcasing the true power of Apple's new iPad.

Another project that we are passionate about is TEDxCalgary - which is happening on April 29th and we are playing a part in helping them market the event online and on-site. You can watch it live from 9:00am - 6:00pm (MST) at

We've worked on some really high profile web sites over the past year, Cabinets by Hayley, Ronmor Developers, United Nations, Calgary Council for Advanced Technology... just to name a few - there are a few others that we can't name yet, at least not publicly or prior to launch.

Since December we've branded a custom fly rod maker, an engineering firm, a home builder, a realtor, an oil service company and a publishing corporation.

Most of our blog posts are helpful and offer advice in marketing... this will continue, believe me - we like to share. I guess, we just needed a forum to say that we're happy to be working with some great customers on some great projects. Thanks for reading.

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